Immigration Risks of Legalized Marijuana

Given the partial legalization of the use and possession of marijuana in several states, it may be helpful nevertheless to warn noncitizen employees and students of the serious immigration consequences which they still face for the use and/or possession of marijuana.

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center provides a practice advisory on the immigration risks of legalized marijuana. The very best strategy is to educate noncitizens ahead of time. The message is simple: Immigration law treats any marijuana-related activity as a crime, with harsh penalties, even if it is permitted under state law.

REMINDER: H-1B Planning Season is Upon Us

H-1B sponsorship is offered by U. S. employers for Foreign Nationals working for those employers in Specialty Occupations which require at least a bachelor's degree (or the equivalent in education and experience).  Approved H-1B employees can work for the sponsoring employer for 3 years in the first instance.

All cap-subject H-1B petitions (those limited by the annual national quota) must be filed with the Immigration Service during the first five business days in April 2019. 

Now is the best time for employers to decide whether they will file H-1B petitions in April and for whom.  It is good to both start the internal discussions and to initiate the process early because normal preparation of the H-1B Petition can take 30 to 45 days during this busy season.

Please feel free to contact the attorneys of Iandoli, Desai & Cronin now with your questions and concerns.