USCIS Discontinues Service Center E-Mail Boxes and INFOPass

Following USCIS’s announcement of phasing out Self-Scheduled INFOPass Appointments, where the petitioner or attorney can seek direct assistance from USCIS, USCIS has now discontinued the use of its USCIS service center e-mail boxes for attorney’s case-specific questions effective January 21, 2019. Instead, USCIS is focusing resources online via self-help tools. This new USCIS initiative will limit attorney’s ability to seek direct assistance from USCIS.

In place of INFOPass Appointments, USCIS has instituted its Information Services Modernization Program. Under the Information Services Modernization Program, individuals are required to first contact the USCIS Contact Center and if it is determined that an applicant needs in-person assistance, personnel at the USCIS Contact Center will help schedule an appointment without the individual having to search for available timeslots. USCIS anticipates expanding the program to all remaining field offices by the end of FY2019 (i.e., 9/30/2019) to completely remove self-scheduled InfoPass appointments.