Social Security Mismatch Letters

According to recent reports, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is carrying through on its recent announcement to send Employer Correction Request Notices (EDCOR) to employers who file one or more 2018 W-2 forms that contain a name and social security number mismatch.  The SSA letters may cause confusion to employers related to potential illegal employment and anti-discrimination issues under the Immigration & Nationality Act.  For example, the SSA notice states that a mismatch is not an indication of an employee’s immigration status and the employer should not take actions such as requesting certain documentation of the employee with a mismatch.   SSA advises the employer to utilize its Business Services Online tools to view and correct name and SSN errors:

If you are concerned because your business has received a SSA mismatch letter, or, if you are interested in a review of your I-9 procedures and wish to conduct a self-audit, please contact attorneys at ID&C.