DHS delays implementation of International Entrepreneur Rule, may ultimately rescind it

Last month the Department of Homeland Security ("DHS") announced by publication in the Federal Register that it would delay implementation of the "International Entrepreneur Rule," a new regulation, promulgated under President Obama's tenure in office, that provided immigration opportunities for a small number of international entrepreneurs who could show that they would provide a significant public benefit to the United States in the form of economic growth and the creation of U.S. jobs.  The International Entrepreneur Rule empowered the Secretary of DHS to grant discretionary parole authority to foreign national entrepreneurs who met certain criteria in order to increase and enhance entrepreneurship, innovation, and job creation in the United States.

This rule was set to take effect on July 17, 2017 but DHS published a final rule with delaying the effective date and requesting comments on July 11, 2017. By this action, DHS has now delayed implementation of the International Entrepreneur Rule until March 14, 2018.  DHS has opened the matter for an extremely brief public comment period and could potentially rescind the program entirely. If you would like to make your opinion on this new rule heard, please ensure you submit a comment through the Federal Register's e-Rulemaking portal or by mail by August 10, 2017.