Nebraska Service Center now accepting some H-1B extension requests

Effective July 1, 2016, the Nebraska Service Center ("NSC") has begun accepting certain types of H-1B and H-1B1 (Chile / Singapore Free Trade) petitions. Employers may file H-1B and H-1B1 petitions with the NSC where they are requesting a "continuation of previously approved employment without change of the same employer" (per Part 2, Question 2, Box b. on Form I-129) and if the employer is requesting an extension of the beneficiary's current H-1B or H-1B1 status or notification of a consular office or port of entry (per Part 2, Question 4, boxes a., c., or e.). The NSC will also accept any concurrently filed H-4 Form I-539 Applications to Exchange/Change Nonimmigrant Status and any I-765 Application for Employment Authorization for eligible H-4 spouses.

The alert from USCIS, issued on June 1, 2016, indicates the California Service Center ("CSC") and the Vermont Service Center ("VSC") may continue to accept H-1B and H-1B1 petitions during this transition period, which ends August 31, 2016. Cap-exempt employers should continue to file their H-1B petitions with the CSC, and petitioners requesting premium processing should continue to file their H-1B petitions with either the CSC or the VSC according to the Form I-129 Direct Filing Addresses page until further notice.