E-Verify is going mobile

On April 27, 2016, the Department of Homeland Security ("DHS") announced testing for the new E-Verify Mobile App, encouraging up to 2,000 E-Verify users to test the App on their iPads and report performance time through the Apple TestFlight feedback tool. 

E-Verify is a free, internet-based system offered by DHS to allow employers to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the U.S. Since 1986 U.S. law has required employers to verify worker eligibility and to maintain records through the use of form I-9. E-Verify was officially introduced in 2007 after a pilot program that allowed employers to electronically verify worker eligibility in the U.S.  The program has grown to over 602,000 participating employers verifying over 13 million employees each year.

While E-Verify is an optional program, it is a required program for certain federal contractors and for any employer who seeks to employ F-1 students during their additional two years of work authorization in the U.S. following graduation as part of the STEM OPT program. The E-Verify Mobile App is the next step DHS hopes will attract more users to its program. If your company uses E-Verify and you have an Apple iPad (2nd and 3rd generation only) and want to participate in the test program, email the E-Verify program at MobileE-Verify@uscis.dhs.gov by May 4, 2016.